The Children's Choir

The Boulevard Baptist Church Children's Choir is a ministry of inspiring and talented children between the ages of 6 and 16. They possess the passion of offering praises unto God and since its inception, the choir has grown tremendously, now totaling some 46 members. Though with diverse backgrounds, these children have a common purpose of using the voices and energies to warm the hearts of their audiences. Directed by Marissa Bailey, the choir has performed at a number of major and special functions in and outside of the church.


This ministry features well-loved, traditional and contemporary children’s songs accompanied by hand clapping and well-timed choreography. Their charming smiles and delightful tunes often times afford them thunderous applauses which in turn inspire them to continue to let the Lord be magnified. In addition to singing, the members of the choir continue to offer ministry through dance, choral speaking and musical instrumentals.


The impressive performances of the choir have granted them national visibility through their many publicized performances. This is evident from the significant amount of attention they have received in the press during recent years having performed at church events such as Festival of Choirs and Harvest of Talents. They have also undertaken ministry at the Horizon Home for the Aged where they are considered to be children who are radiant with hope, musically gifted and wonderfully entertaining.