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The Boulevard Baptist Church was established in 1969. It was not long before a nucleus of about twelve (12) members became the church’s choir under the Directorship of Deacon Geraldore Barrant, with the late Sister Gladys Goodrich as organist. Sister Lily Jones joined the fellowship, and was elected pianist. Deacon Con Hudson succeeded Deacon Barrant and he with Sisters Goodrich and Jones assumed leadership.


Sister Goodrich passed on and Deacon Hudson and “Sister Lily” continued to lead the Music Ministry. Again death came and there was the need for a musician Sister Avril Gruber joined the fellowship. As an accomplished musician, she ably filled the slot as organist and later, Organist/Choir Director sometimes accompanied by a young, but vibrant organist, Brother Norman McFarlane. All organizations suffer from migration, Boulevard was no exception. Both Sister Gruber and Brother McFarlane migrated and the church had to find Director and Musician. Ms Grace Hudson, who was, working with the young people, became the Pianist/Organist. She was later joined by Mrs. Paula Brown-Powell who later served as Director/Organist. Sister Brown left and there was again the need for a Director. Mr. Ian Brown, a young member, accepted the challenge. He and Ms Hudson continued the service with distinction, but again the need for a pianist arose as Ms Hudson migrated. The Lord always provides in time of need, and not long after Mr. Lloyd Clarke, who currently serves as part- time organist, answered the call in 2001.


As fate would have it, the wind of separation again blew and Director Ian Brown joined the migratory trail. After over a year of long and hard search and prayer, the Lord provided a Director in the person of Brother Joseph McIntyre, now Deacon. He continues to serve with dynamism; always pursuing new ways to improve the ministry. The choir, under the directorship of Deacon McIntyre has successful staged a benefit performance concert in aid of the rebuilding of the Mount Carey Baptist chapel, which was destroyed by fire. They have been featured many times as guest choir at various concerts in and outside of Kingston, and continue to maintain a high standard of choral and church music. The membership of the choir now stands at fifty (50) and rehearses on a Saturday at 6:30p.m. The Choir is accompanied by musicians Christopher Whyte, Michelle Bromley, Yanique Leiba-Ebanks and Jozanne Harris.

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