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The Burial of the Dead as per the Constitution


A funeral service will be held in the Church for the following:-

  1. Members of this church who are in good standing;

  2. Bona fide members of the Churches of the Jamaica Baptist Union at the request or agreement of the Pastor of the Church;

  3. Young people who are members of the Youth Organization of the Church and actively involved in the life of the Church up to twenty-five (25) years old;

  4. Members of other Christian Denominations who are in good standing with their Church and whose relative is a member of this Church;

  5. Spouses, Parents, and children of members of the church;

  6. Funeral can be held at the discretion of the Pastor and members of the Deacon Board



a) The Church’s Administrative office staff will work closely with the family members of the deceased by providing a Thanksgiving/Funeral Order of Service template (see Appendix 2).  

  1. Duration of the Service

The duration of the Services is for 90 mins based on COVID-19 protocols.

c) Date and Time


The funeral service date and time will be scheduled with the Pastor and/or Boulevard Baptist Church Administrative Office.

  1. Contribution. An Offering will be collected for the Church’s ministry.

  2.        Attendees - the number of attendees will be in compliance with the COVID-19         protocols


  1. Church Members

Members may use the Church facilities at no cost.

  1. Non-members

Non-members will be required to pay the contribution as indicated on the Funeral Form (Appendix 1)

  1. Attendees

  The number of attendees with be in compliance with the COVID -19 Protocol. 


Non-Church Members


Non-Church members shall obtain approval from Church Administrative Office for use of the Church facilities for funerals. The requested donation to the church will be required to be paid prior to funeral and must be paid 5-days in advance of the funeral.  The funds must be cleared in the church’s account prior to the funeral. Refunds will be made via bank transfer where a cancellation occurs. 


Live-Streaming of the Service

Family members may require for the service to be streamed; this service is provided at an additional cost.


Food and Beverages

Under the current COVID-19 protocols, all food and beverages are to be served in the designated area and must be served to go.  There will be no gathering allowed to eat or drink and this will be reinforced by the Church’s Administrative Office.


Funeral Supervision


The Church Administrative Staff and the Caretaker will be available to assist with all funerals. The Caretaker will be available to assist with logistics and the facilities will be opened two hours prior to scheduled start time of the funeral. 


No smoking, drinking of alcohol or use of drugs are allowed on Church grounds. The Church Caretaker will be responsible for locking all doors and ensuring that all lights are turned off, after the service.


Appropriate attire must be worn when entering the church grounds and the Sanctuary.  Inappropriate attire such as revealing clothing, ill-fitting clothing, will not be allowed.

Funeral / Thanksgiving Service Form
Order Of Service Template
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