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Prayer Meeting

Wednesday | 10:00am

Bible Study
Bible Study

Bible Study

Wednesday | 6:30pm

Skills Training

The skills training programme is operated in partnership with HEART Trust/NTA as a community - based service. Currently, over 100 trainees are enrolled in commercial food preparation levels two and three. The school year runs from September to July.


Care Basket

The Care Basket provides assistance to indigent members and individuals from many

communities. Currently, 110 persons receive packages of food items each month.

Deacons deliver packages (some with medical supplies) to shut-in members and the other recipients collect items on a set day.


Dental Clinic

Tuesday, Thursday | 4:30pm

The Dental Clinic is a non-profit venture and offers its services to persons in the church and the wider community who are unable to afford dental care costs are kept at minimum.


Marriage Enrichment

This ministry continues to improve the lives of many couples through social events and the renewal of marriage vows.

BBCYF Social March 19, 2022 AJA00476.jpg
BBCYF Social March 19, 2022 AJA00499.jpg
BBCYF Social March 19, 2022 AJA00415.jpg

Back to school Assistance Programme

These initiatives assist parents with their back-to-school expenses and provide the help to support regular attendance throughout the year. Many families have benefited from these programmes through the payment of school fees and bus fares and the distribution of books, bags and personal items. We thank Food For The Poor for their continued support. Many lives have been blessed through these ministries.

BBCYF Social March 19, 2022 AJA00466.jpg
BBCYF Social March 19, 2022 AJA00494 (1).jpg
BBCYF Social March 19, 2022 AJA00491.jpg

Sunday School

Sundays | 8:00am

INITIALLY, SUNDAY school at the Boulevard Baptist Church (BBC) was kept in the afternoons. Worship service would take place in the morning, and the children would return in the afternoon for an hour of Sunday school. After much reflection, the time for Sunday school was changed to the present time of 8 a.m ., and students meet in their age groups, the Sunday school utilizes 'The Living Word Caribbean Bible Lessons' series, produced by Caribbean Christian Publications.

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