History of the Diaconate


The Boulevard Baptist Church was founded February 1969 and later that year the first four Deacons were ordained. These were Messrs Cyril Mattherson, Noel E. Walters, Geraldore Barrant and Manasseh Hudson. Following the subsequent ordination of more Deacons, a Deacons Board was established and comprised the following officers: Rev. Luther Gibbs, Chairman; Mr. Manasseh Hudson, Vice Chairman; Mrs Leleka Champagnie, Secretary; and Mrs. Albertine Hudson, Assistant Secretary. The Church Secretary and Treasurer were also appointed to serve on the Board as ex-officio members. A term of office was developed in 1980 and since then the Chairman is elected from among the Board. The first to have held this position was Mr. Manasseh Hudson, who consequently became the Pastor’s Assistant.


As the membership of the Church grew over the years more Deacons were added. Presently there are twenty active and eleven emeriti Deacons. The Board presently comprises the following persons:






Val Seymour

Hyacinth Brown

Fay Jones

Deryck Brown

Fay Corothers

Maud Daley

Linda Ennis

Gladstone Hutchinson

Stanley Pratt

Gloria Walters

Veronica Beckford

Verna Edwards

Eglon Stewart

Maria Biggs 

Haughton Grant 

Dorma Forsythe

Carlton Baker

Patrick Anderson

Claney Barnett

Dwayne Beckford

Yasmin Brown

Kathlyn Grant

Dennis Townsend

Pauline Watson-Campbell

Euphema Wynter

Joseph McIntyre

Lassom McDermott

Corretha Phillips

Varick Downie

Delbert Morrison

Jenifer Henry



At the Annual General meeting of the Diaconate December 2011, the first written Deacons Manual was issued and adopted. Each Deacon is assigned to a Zone, which represents the geographical locations where members reside. A total of fifteen Zones are currently served by one or more Deacons.

Zone 1

Family Deacons: Yasmin Brown & Joseph McIntyre 


Zone 2

Family Deacon: Kathlyn Grant


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Zone 3

Family Deacon: Patrick Anderson


Zone 4

Family Deacons: Gary Sewell & Corretta Phillips


Zone 5

Family Deacons: Maria Biggs & Jennifer Henry


Zone 6

Family Deacons: Haughton Grant & Claney Barnett


Zone 7

Family Deacons: Euphema Wynter & Varic Downie