Financial Education Ministry

The Financial Education Ministry (FEM) is an active auxiliary arm of the Boulevard Baptist Church. It exists to providing a forum for members of the church members to share and discuss finance, money management and economics with the aim of improving how members plan and manage their finances. The FEM is not affiliated to nor will it endorse any financial institution or its products.




  • Assist members in coping with the difficult economic times though the presentation of self employment opportunities.

  • Provide a forum for members to share financial testimonies, ideas, tips and strategies on how to manage their financial affairs.

  • Educate members about finances, money management and economics through presentations, videos, seminars, case studies etc.

  • Provide an additional forum for fellowship for church members.



Membership and Meetings


The FEM is open to all members of the Church who are twelve (12) years and older. The FEM meets quarterly on the fourth Monday (January, April, July and October) at 6:30pm.





Members of the FEM shall pay an annual subscription of $600 to offset the cost of refreshments, certificates and gifts for guest presenters etc.


Executive of the FEM

The executive shall consist of the following positions:


* Chairman – chairs meetings and liaises with the church council.

* Vice Chairman – assist the Chairman in his duties and acts in his/her absence.

* Secretary – records the minutes of meetings, prepares agenda and handles all correspondence relating to the FEM.

* Assistant Secretary – assists the Secretary and acts in his/her absence.

* Treasurer- collects subscriptions.

* Communications Officer – handles all of the communications and public relations for the FEM.



Programme of Activities


This will include activities such as the following:


  1. Review of Government’s annual budget and economic programme

  2. Budgeting and money management

  3. Generating income

  4. Expense Management

  5. Debt management

  6. Insurance planning

  7. Tax planning

  8. Real estate and mortgages

  9. Entrepreneurship

  10. Tithing, the Bible and money management

  11. Attending financial seminars

  12. Network marketing

  13. Retirement planning

  14. Saving for your children’s education

  15. Presentations to auxiliary groups

  16. Financial testimonies and quizzes

  17. Socials

  18. Estate Planning and wills

  19. Financial coaching

  20. Personal empowerment