The Leleka Champagnie First Aid Ministry

The First Aid Ministry which is the brain child of Deacon Emeritus Leleka Champagnie was started in 2006 with 12 members and has grown over the years.  In May 2012, the Ministry at Boulevard Baptist Church (BBC) conducted a training seminar in First Aid and CPR which saw 13 persons attending with 7 from BBC and these classes were conducted by an instructor from The Jamaica Red Cross. 


Born out of a need for assistance when members or visitors become ill, the Ministry has been fulfilling the following key objectives:


  • Recognizing health care needs

  • Preventing worsening

  • Preserving life

  • Promoting recovery

  • Highlighting the importance of First Aid and CPR


Each Sunday four members identified by a First Aid arm band or crest are assigned duties until the end of the church service.  In addition, members are also assigned to be on duty at funeral services and other events that the Church hosts.  The sick bay which is located at the back of the church is easily identified by its sign.


The Ministry meets bi-monthly in the Board room of BBC on the second Saturday at 4:00 pm.


The First Aid Ministry was renamed The Leleka Champagnie First Aid Ministry, February 2014.