The Junior Church Ministry


The Junior Church Ministry also known as Childen’s Ministry is an auxiliary of the Boulevard Baptist Church Youth Council. During the Sunday Morning Services, children 11 years and under gather in a special area where they are able to interact with the Word of God at their level. Children are taught spiritual truths and Biblical applications to real life experiences. The children get to learn about persons and places of the Old and New Testaments and most importantly, salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The children are exposed to the Word through various channels including songs, stories, activities, arts and crafts,videos, drama and much more. In addition, children are taught aspects of worship and fellowship.


In May 2011, the Junior Church ministry created a new branch called “Truth Explorers”. This branch of the the ministry is our teen church. Truth Explorers enables teenagers 13-17 to come together to worship and interact with the Word of God in their unique way and to also freely unburden themselves before the Lord, their Creator. They are also taught spiritual truths and biblical applications relevant to this stage of their lives especially the pressures facing our teens today. Teens are taught the way to salvation through Jesus Christ and are brought into a more informed knowledge of the ‘God of the Teenager’. This branch of the ministry is still young but grows stronger in God’s grace each first and fourth Sunday when it is held. . As a part of the youth arm of the church, the children of the Junior Church and the teens of Truth Explorers are able to participate in many of the church’s activities.The doors of the Junior Church ministry are always open, ready to welcome any and every member who would like to become a part of this awesome ministry.