Mission & Evangelism

The Mission and Evangelism Committee (MEC) is responsible for specific strategies for mission and evangelism in keeping with the section of the Boulevard Baptist Church’s mission statement which affirms that we will  “… evangelize the wider community and influence the world …” and the Biblical command: “Go and make disciples of  all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father  and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…  (Mathew 28:19).” Under the guidance of God and the leadership of the Pastor, therefore, the MEC initiates and coordinates mission and evangelistic activities of the church so that the human and material resources within the church are prioritized and wisely used to influence lives for Christ.


The MEC provides opportunities for service in three main areas:

Evangelism - activities which are specifically aimed at saving the lost by bringing God’s Word of salvation.

Mission - activities aimed at specific communities for both evangelizing as well as helping the members to develop economically and socially.

Church Support Ministry - activities which provide assistance to an existing local church which needs assistance.


One significant annual event is Evangelism Emphasis Month in April. During that month the entire church body commits to evangelizing and all Sunday worship services -morning and evening - have an evangelistic thrust.  Guest preachers and singers/musicians who are spiritually gifted evangelists are invited to minister at these services. Church members also give testimonies aimed at bringing others to Jesus Christ by proclaiming Him and what He had done in their lives.


Other significant events include the new members’ fellowship, prayer vigils and retreats which allow for spiritual renewal and growth.




Membership is open to all members of the church. Further, in keeping with the policy of the BBC that any member at any time may attend meetings of auxiliaries and committees, any member may attend the meetings of the MEC, even if not a ‘member’.

Meetings, Retreats &Seminars
The MEC meets every fourth Sunday after the main morning service. Its annual retreat is usually held in October. Seminars and workshops are arranged as the need arises.


Some Milestones/Achievements



  • Local activities have taken the form of assisting and developing churches and communities. The churches include Point Hill Circuit, St Catherine; Union Hill, St Mary and Aelous Valley, St Thomas. (Only the latter is currently being served.) The communities include Red Hills and Marverly in St. Andrew.


How to serve


Members are encouraged to be involved through:

  • Witnessing  to non–Christians

  • Counseling

  • Soup Kitchen Ministry

  • Prayer-Walk Ministry

  • Netball/Football Evangelistic Trust

  • New Members Fellowship

  • Local and overseas missions

  • Outreach Ministries

  • Be an active member of the MEC

Other opportunities for service are announced from time to time.