Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry started in 1998.  Our first Retreat was held in May 1998 at the Cibony Hotel in Ocho Rios with eleven single women and the Pastor, Reverend Dr. Devon.  Reverend Donald Lawrence was the guest speaker. Since then we have had our retreat in May of each year.


We have bi-monthly prayer patrol meeting. Different venues are used for these meetings.Hope Gardens, Castle Gardens and other venues so designated. Our aim is to know Jamaica. We meet every second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.Our 2006 retreat was held in Florida. Our Singles Ministry in- corporates members of other churches such as Bethel Baptist.


Some of the activites includes discussion on current issues, talks on different topics affecting single people and games.




  • To promote and maintain unity among singles


  • To provide care for care-givers


  • To encourage and educate single members on the wholee concept of group dynamics among singles


  • To assist in providing sicial facilities and amenities to all


  • To promote fellowship among singles in other denominations


  • To create an atmosphere that will be more productive and satisfying to singles in the church


  • To arrange workshops, seminars and talks which will be beneficial to the singles in terms of being loyal to the chruch and country


  • To provide adequate advisory serice for the singles so they will understand the conditions of coping with singleness