Women's Federation of the Boulevard Baptist Church

Members of the Women's Federation at Enrollment Service 2013

The Boulevard Baptist Church Women's Federation is a branch of the Jamaica Baptist Women's Federation which was formed at Bethel Town, Westmoreland on December 10, 1922. Until then, there were separate Women's groups called by different names in many Baptist churches throughout the island. The Jamaica Baptist Women's Federation falls under the umbrella of the Jamaica Baptist Union.

The BBC Women's Federation is a vibrant and active group of women of varying ages who stand out in the church community for their dedication and willingness to serve. It meets every first and third Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the church. All women who are members of the church are eligible to become members. As at September 2001, the membership was the motto of the Federation is: Seek, Save, Serve.


Objectives Some of the objectives are:

  1. To strenghthen the spiritual life of the members of the church

  2. To instruct women on how to care for their children, how to live haealthy lives, and to assist generally in preparing young persons for home and family life.

  3. To take responsibility for the operation of Garland Hall Memorial Home, working in cooperation with the local Home Committee.

  4. To support the JBU's Horizon Home and any other sponsored project of the JBU.

  5. Seek out other projects in the church community.


Activities Some of the regular activities are:

  1. Holding bi-monthly meetings for the purpose of reporting, planning and evaluation, Bible study, fellowship, and spiritual development.

  2. Holding seminars/workshops on topical issues relating to health and personal growth and development.

  3. Organizing special events such as blood donation drives or breast cancer examination opportunities.

  4. Attending Enrollment and Anniversary services of fellow sister churches and other churches.

  5. Participating in the conferences of the Jamaica Baptist Women's Federation and the Caribbean Baptist Women's Union.

  6. Visiting the sick and shut-in members from our church and the surrounding community.

  7. Holding an annual Enrollment service for new members.

  8. Hosting an annual Tea Party for Fund Raising for the Home.

  9. 'Adopting' and providing financial and emotional support for students of the church community who may be in need.

  10. Treating and fellowshipping with the children a Home for Children at a Christmas Party each year.

  11. Fellowshipping through a Christmas Dinner each year.