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Mission & Evangelism 

Image of the Mission And Evangelisim Team


The purpose of the Missions/Evangelism Committee is to mobilize the church for effective ongoing missions and evangelism in support of the church’s mission. Ensuring that the church keeps its focus as followers of Christ sharing His message of hope and love and leading the wider community to a life-changing personal relationship with Him.



  1. Keep alive the evangelistic mission of the church all year around

  2. Assist with the planning and execution of church growth strategies

  3. Arrange both local and overseas missions and engage member participation 




  • Chairman 

  • Vice-Chair

  • Secretary

  • Two deacons

  • One representative from each of the designated ministries 

  • Other co-opted members




  1. Promote evangelism as a core value of each ministry of the church.

  2. Develop a plan for an overall evangelism strategy that reaches out to people and welcomes them into the congregation 

  3. Set goals that include the expansion of both local and overseas missions, empowering individuals for ministry to the world  

  4. Educate the church in evangelism/mission through seminar, films, services, etc

  5. Develop and promote visitation and witnessing teams among members

  6. Enlist, train and make available counsellors for the overall ministry of the church

  7. Arrange special prayer sessions for counsellors and with the church 

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