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Outreach Ministry


The purpose of the Outreach Ministries is to foster greater awareness of Boulevard Baptist Church in the wider community. The ministries will provide sustained, effective outreach initiatives that will help fulfill the church's mission. The Outreach Committee will monitor, coordinate and promote activities and benefits of the various ministry programs dedicated to reaching others; ministering to those in need, providing for the Believers, and spreading the gospel within the community.


  1. Provide for the spiritual, material, physical, financial, emotional, educational, and social needs of people in the community

  2. Extend the hand of fellowship to individuals who are currently accessing the programs and share the good news of the gospel, encourage them to come to church, where they will have the opportunity to enter that discipleship process

  3. Review outreach programs and identify new areas of need for expanding the outreach ministries


  • Chairperson

  • Vice-Chair 

  • Deacon

  • Three co-opted persons 

  • A representative from each fellowship group.

  • Administrators for each core outreach ministries

    • Skill Training

    • Continuing Education

    • Care Basket

    • First Aid

    • Dental Clinic



  1. Develop, implement and monitor outreach programs

  2. Facilitate skills training through the community training intervention project conducted by HEART Trust.

  3. Offer educational opportunities for persons who have not attained or have a low literacy level and matriculation.

  4. Provide services of a medical nature for the community at a minimal cost

  5. Encourage the membership to donate items for the needy in the community 

  6. Receive and secure supplies donated for the Care Basket

  7. Organize the monthly receipts and distribution of supplies for the needy within the community 

  8. Provide First Aid assistance to church members as well as visitors in time of need

  9. Provide spiritual guidance to individuals in the outreach programs through devotional exercises, counseling, social events to create the awareness and need for the Lord in their personal lives

  10. Convene monthly planning meetings

  11. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the finance committee for approval

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