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Guidance and Counselling Book

Synopsis of Text:

Guidance and Counselling Workbook on Intellect, Integrity, and Influence is designed for students at the secondary and post-secondary (pre-tertiary) levels, including individuals in skills training who are looking forward to transitioning to higher learning.

Students are not only assisted with making decisions about career paths and being adequately prepared for the world of work, but are also taught how to handle life’s challenges, and relationships, manage the online school environment, acquire the essentials of parenting, and this will help them to be well-rounded and equipped to face the future. The objectives of the book are achieved by presenting scenarios, completing exercises, dealing with issues in a down-to-earth manner, as well as working on psychosocial skills, and life skills, and incorporating famous quotes. The book utilizes a very interactive approach as a means of facilitating students to better grasp the contents and concepts, and therefore, gain a good understanding of the various areas presented. With that in mind, the book is designed in a workbook format. It involves home assignments to be undertaken within the family unit, doing further research, as well as drama presentations in class. Intellect Integrity Influence serves to enlighten, and broaden the horizons and the scope of learning of the individual. Embracing all three in a positive light, not only leads to a life of success, but also a life lived to inspire and encourage others.

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